How to Play

Play the game in four easy steps:

STEP 1. Watch the video.

Watch the future scenario video to immerse in the future of research and innovation. See what the drivers of change are. Imagine what new opportunities might emerge. Consider: Given these transformations, what if you could make the future? What future would you create?

STEP 2. Play your cards.

You can play Positive Imagination and Critical Imagination cards. Positive Imagination cards describe how research and innovation can lead the way in 2038. Critical Imagination cards highlight potential challenges to consider.

Each card is short and sweet—just 140 characters. You can play as many or as few cards as you like. The more you play, the more people you can engage around the world. And the more people you engage with your ideas, the more points you win.


STEP 3. Build on other players’ cards.

This is where the fun starts—and the points add up. Once you play a card, others may respond with cards that take the idea to the next level. You can do the same. On any card, you can play four kinds of cards:

  • Momentum: If research and innovation transform ... what happens next?
  • Antagonism: Disagree? What could happen instead?
  • Adaptation: Yes, and ... how might this evolve?
  • Investigation: Curious? Ask or answer a follow-up question.

Building on cards is the best way to build points—and deepen the conversation about the future of research and innovation! When someone builds on one of your cards, you automatically win points without doing anything. When you build on other’s cards, you start a card chain and encourage others to build on your cards. The longer the chains, the more points you win! And the more you foster meaningful discussion about research and innovation and it’s place in the world of 2038.

STEP 4. Watch the game live on the Dashboard!

Get a bird’s-eye view of the game unfolding on the Dashboard. Follow trending topics, and see which ideas are gaining momentum. Track your favorite ideas and players in the game. And keep an eye on the Leaderboard to see where you stand!




Forecasting Points

The more you inspire others to build on your cards, the more points you’ll earn. You don’t earn any points for a card unless someone else builds on it—so don’t be timid!

The more idea points you earn, the faster you’ll level up.


Game guides will be watching the gameplay. They will give out awards to highlight players who are stepping up to win a mission by solving particular problems or making extraordinary contributions. Here are some of the awards you can win:

  • Award 1: ???
  • Award 2: Most creative idea for reinventing ???
  • Award 3: Most creative idea for innovative funding models for research and innovation
  • Award 4: Most creative idea for reconceiving of the research process across all disciplines
  • Award 5: Most creative idea for building a global footprint for research and innovation, to reach out around the world for more knowledge, new partnerships, and greater impact


You can make a winning contribution to the game in just five minutes. But if you’re like many players, you may find yourself following the idea streams for hours at a time. Whether you play in a few short bursts or spend time developing long card chains with other players, you can win awards, build your points, and help us make the future of research and innovation!

The game begins at 9am PDT on September 25 and runs for 36 hours straight, until98pm PST on September 26. Play as often and as long as you like. Play the game, make the future!